As the saying goes . . .

A Physician knows everything but does nothing!
A Surgeon knows nothing but does everything!
A Dermatologist knows nothing and does nothing!
A Pathologist knows everything and does everything but its too late!
A ENT surgeon knows nothing but will do anything!!

   In 1655 AD, Lusitanus gave an amusing explanation for the practice of cutting the ear of thieves. He said, such treatment rendered them incapable of propagating their kind and hence no more thieves would be born out of them. He founded the opinion Hippocrates that the division of the vein behind the ear rendered a man sterile, because the seed of life which was generated in the brain could no longer pass down to the genitals!

Answer to the Last Month Quiz:

A 10Month old baby was brought with history of swallowing a metal coin which the mother tried to remove with her finger and failed.

On examination the child was comfortable and able to swallow, hence we thought the Foreign Body could have gone down the esophagus to stomach.

However an X-ray was taken and the Foreign Body was seen in the nasopharynx which would have gone in there while the mother attempted to remove. When we tried to remove without General Anesthesia once again the Foreign Body was missing and to our surprise we found that the child had swallowed it in no time.

(No one has guessed the correct answer quiz No. 1 last month)

Give your diagnosis from the three pictures of the same patient.

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