1. Keep batteries away from children. They are likely to be swallowed.

  2. Remove batteries when instrument is not in use.

  3. Switch off machine, while going to bed.

  4. Change batteries in time.

  5. Replace leaking batteries if any, without delay.

  6. Protect machine against dampness, moisture or hot place.

  7. Avoid physical damage to machine like dropping, crushing etc.

  8. Clean the ear - mould regularly to remove ear wax, if any.
(There are special cleaning agents available with stockists.)

If the hearing aid does not work check-up the following and rectify

Is the instrument switched on?

Is the battery properly inserted in place?

Is the battery weak or has run - down?

Is the battery compartment closed properly?

Is the volume control sufficiently opened?

Is there wax clogging the ear tip of the machine?
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