On this anniversary day of our clinic, we cannot but recall with gratitude, the voluntary services rendered by Vijay Venkataraman, a teenage American student of Rutgers Preparatory School, Somerset, N.J, USA.

We have had the privilege of this American youth visiting our clinic during his vacations in India, for three years i.e. 2002, 2003 and 2004, and doing voluntary work in our clinic, each time around a month. Vijay offered his services unsolicited and free – just with an urge to know the activities of our clinic, to acquaint himself with our staff and patients, and to learn and understand the work done by our Otorhinolaryngologists in our surgical clinic, which is a prime-institution at Pondicherry, in this branch of treatment. We welcomed and accepted Vijay’s zeal and good gestures, as we found him mature, competent and equal to the job.

In our endoscopy room, Vijay evinced keen interest and assisted in saving endoscopy findings in Endo camera, capturing the scenes live into the computer, for taking print outs.

Vijay’s work was immaculate in this responsible area. While so, Vijay moved with our staff and patients closely and unassumingly. He developed team spirit and exhibited leadership qualities while at work.

Vijay, an American student was so friendly and amiable, eating the local food, moving with people without exhibiting any paranoia, which some other foreigners lack. He was almost one among us, demanding no special needs or reservations. It is pleasing to find so much enthusiasm and involvement in such an young person coming all the way from America.

For 2005, we learn that Vijay could not be here for summer, as he is busy volunteering to a local First Aid and Rescue squad in NJ itself, We wish him well.

Vijay! Will you visit us next year?