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MR.SIVAKUMAR, an executive of a multinational company had STAPEDECTOMY done (left ear) before taking business trip to CHINA & USA.

MR. SIVASANKARAN of SRILANKA also had STAPEDECTOMY done at our clinic this month. Since he was advised by us to avoid air travel for six weeks, he had
to extend his visa adequately.

MR. NATHANEIL came from USA for his marriage. But he could not even smell a rose! He had FESS done for his NASAL POLYP.

MR. HARSHA, 78, an ethnic Tamil from DURBAN came to us last month. He had Audiological test and fitment of Hearing Aid at our DECIBEL AUDIOLOGIY

MR.KHADER ALI KHAN from SAUDI ARABIA had his revision Mastoidectomy done at our clinic during his vacation this month. Similarly, Mr. HUSSAIN ALI from DUBAI had SEPTOPLASTY done at our clinic.

MR. TONY, a Britisher, came for Ashram visit and came to us. His entire nasal cavity was found filled up by inverted PAPPILOMA. Though he already had a standing appointment for this surgery in UK he opted to have it done by us. This was done under local anaesthesia to his satisfaction.

There was a visitor from BRUNEI last week, having a long standing nasal problem of SEPTAL DEFELCTION and also left side maxillary polyp. He had SEPTOPLASTY and
FESS done.

All these instances show that the quality of surgical management in India compares favorably with that available globally and our ENT SURGICAL CLINIC is a
small example. At the same time, the cost in India is highly economical for foreign visitors. There certainly is a very good scope for out-sourcing in India, in the field of
Medical Services also.

(Names changed for privacy)

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