•   In 1891 AD, slaton described the following plan for removing FB from the nose. The operator places a thin cloth over the child's mouth and then applies his finger to close the nostril that doesn't contain the FB. He then puts his mouth to the child's and gives two or three puffs. The substance will flyout 9 times out of 10!

  •   An equally enterprising method was devised to remove smooth rounded Foreign Bodies from the ear. The patient is made to place his head on a table with the involved ear facing down. A quick bang is given to the table with a wooden hammer and lo the FB falls down from the ear!
  •   The idea of employing mirrors for the internal examination of the larynx during singing occurred to Signor Mannel Garcis in 1854 AD. He conducted all his experiments on himself.

  •   In 1731 AD Thomas Willis, a drummer by profession noticed that his deaf wife heard him better whenever he talked to her while playing his drums. Later the term Paracussis Willisi which is characteristic of Otosclerosis was coined to honour him.

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