It is necessary for doctors to keep abreast with technology not only concerning their specialties but also using other modern utilities like computers, cell phones etc.,

      It has also become routine for doctors to use computers for their power point presentation and internet browsing.

      The internet has become a window to the world of unlimited frontiers, and those who have already flown through this window have an edge over the others.

      In western world, especially USA, it is a habit to rush to the internet for any and every information, and people of our Indian cities also are following suit. Recently I got an e-mail from Hawaii and one from U.K. asking for clarifications on some ENT information found on our website. so we are under the glare of the whole world nowadays.

      In ENT Surgical Clinic we have facility to guide doctors, and arrange to register domain names, book web space and design website. We will be pleased to offer these services to doctors at a nominal cost. Please contact or



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