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Greetings from ENT Surgical Clinic!

We hope you would have received our New Year Greetings with the clinical brochure last month. As promised, we have geared up to bring out the first issue of "The Newsletter". This newsletter is to establish a two way communication with the referring doctors and also to inform the fellow practitioners about the happenings in our clinic and around.

This issue carries a page on "Tips to General Practitioners" which has evolved from our experience in handling good lot of references from a number of practitioners. We have included some interesting features which would run into a series. We welcome your suggestions to improve this endeavor. We have solicited the participation of other practitioners also in the form of contributions to make this a multispeciality communique.

This pamphlet would hopefully grow into a booklet form with sustained encouragement from doctors and also from the sponsors. (naturally!).

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Dr.T.L. Vasudevan
Dr. John Victor
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