Audiology and Speech-therapy Wing

ENT SURGICAL CLINIC is the only private clinic at Pondicherry to have a separate Audiology & Speech Therapy Wing, manned by a qualified, full-time Audiologist cum Speech Pathologist.

Audiograms are done and speech-therapy given both in the morning and in the evening sessions every day, under prior appointment by phone or in person.

Speech Therapy to stammer, puberphonia, deaf-mutism etc., are done with guaranteed results.

Pre-recruitment Audiographic Screening and Industrial Audiograms are also done.

Audiogram tests are carried out in sound-treated chamber to ensure accurate assessment of hearing. Soon. we will be introducing IMPEDANCE AUDIOMETRY also in our clinic.

A stock of reliable and affordable-HEARING AIDS of various models is available for sale. They are tested and fitted to patients to their satisfaction.

The highlight of our sales is the after-sales service we extend to our clients, and also the repair and maintenance service we provide for Hearing Aids purchased elsewhere also.

We will be introducing soon, DIGITAL PROGRAMMABLE HEARING AID machines also.

Spares like cells, cords, plugs etc., are always available with us for all types of Hearing Aids. Custom Ear moulds are also made to fit into individual ears.

As a service to the poor and needy, Hearing Aids are distributed free of cost at special camps organized periodically by philanthropic institutions like Gothi Welfare Foundation, Pondicherry etc.,