Caflon Ear Boring

Ear piercing is a traditional practice in India. Every child born in India gets the ear pierced and every lady wears a pair of ear ring (sometimes men too).

If ear piercing in children is done as a ritchual at the age of one by a crude method.

some of the parents think of doing it aseptically and scientifically and invariably approach an ENT surgeon who is supposed to handle ears.

Hence we are obliged to do ear piercing for children. This in combination with availability of ear piercing gun and pre-sterilised ear studs has made the job simple.

The advantages of caflon ear piercing are:

  1. Applying studs and clasps happen in one go.
  2. Non-allergenic, non-rusting ear stud can be worned for a long time
    till a satisfactory hole is created (click here for instructions).
  3. Varieties of ear stud models are available.